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 Removal Transports - Int. Moving & Packing  

A-4061 Linz - Pasching, Randlstrasse 9 – Austria

 Phone: 0043 07229 51787 0     Fax:    0043 7229 51787  21

Your professional partner for incoming or outgoing removal transports in Austria and Europe

BACO Removal Logistics - Number 1 in Austria

Our core business is international removals. We specialize in removals from any place in the world to/from Europe. Most of our removals are a door-to-door service. Our workmen execute all phases of the removal and our office staffs monitor it for quality, efficiency and comfort.

In addition, we are associated with additional reputable moving companies, van lines and their associated agents. We are able to assist by: origin - full destinations service, customs regulation, warehouse, container trucking, or by each other handling for incoming or outgoing removal transports.

Our professional service

  • Local move - inside Austria
    Local removal transports: in Linz, Vienna, Salzburg and Graz and inside Austria. 
  • Europe/GUS/Turkey
    Removal Transports in East and West Europe, from or to Austria 
  • Overseas:
    We can open up the world for you" where ever you are, we are able to handle your household goods global from or to Europe.
  • Company move:
    Inside Austria, Europe and Global, professional handling, perfect timing  
  • Heavy Lift:
    Transport of heavy lift up- and downstairs (Safe etc.) 
  • Origin Service:
    Full origin Service; professional packing of household goods, (assist by) loading, Export customs clearance etc.  
  • Destinations- Service
    Import Customs Clearance (regulation), assist by unloading, carpenter, set up of furniture’s, unpacking etc.  
  • How to find our company:
    You find Linz /Pasching on the map of Austria between Vienna and Salzburg on the Highway Number 1 (A1).
    Use the Exit Traun/Haid Highway Number 1 (A 1) - direction Airport Linz (Blue Danube Airport) (Road Nb.: 139). By the turn around traffic direction Airport Linz, Pasching, Plus CITY use the Exit direction: PLUS CITY (Shopping Center) Randlstrasse


Kostenlose Info Hotline

Kostenlose Info Hotline

Telefon: 0 800 20 800 10

sparen wo es geht - verwenden Sie unsere kostenlose Telefo-nnummer

Secure your move - use the Nb.1 in Austria

Professional assist by

  • Full Origin Service
  • Loading (to carry out)
  • Unloading (to carry in)
  • Full Destinations Service
  • Pick up of empty packing materials
  • Carpenter Service
  • Setup of furniture
  • Import Customs Clearance
  • Client Service (Survey)
  • Parking place reservation for trucks and trailers
  • Heavy lifts to carry in or out
  • Maschine to carry in or out
  • Cleaning Service (after origin service)
  • Repair Service (furniture)
  • Import of private cars as mover goods
  • Overseas Container Service (Trucking at Resdience)
  • etc.


How to find our warehouse